SYB : PT. Sarana Yukti Bandhana or known as SYB is a provider and operator of online payment solutions incorporating state-of-the-art banking network and traditional non banking network as payment collecting agents.

While the world have evolved with social media , Big Bang on ecommerce, we have developed our electronic platform and our very own ecosystem since 2000.

On 27th October 2000, SYB launched an online payment product of a nationwide borderless online payment for PLN (Indonesia Electricity Board), called ‘PRAQTIS’, being the first online payment of its kind in Indonesia.

Today, we handle wide range of online payment products from companies like public utility (electricity & water), banks, Government Sector (Pos, BPJS Kesehatan& Tax Office), public transportation (train& port), property, telecommunication, leasing, e-commerce, university, pay TV, travel, credit card, remittance and many more to come…

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